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If you find that your questions are not answered here, please call us at (772) 564-7839, or contact us by clicking here

  • Is there a charge for the walk-through estimate?
    No. We like to walk through the home with you explaining what we do and how we do it. This will provide you the opportunity to speak with us about any special instructions and you will have a clear understanding of our service. By doing the walk-through, we have an educated guess to allot enough time to get the job done as completely and efficiently as possible.
  • How do you access my home?
    Vero Beach Cleaning must be able to access your home to provide service. There are four choices: 1. The most convenient - you may leave a key on file in our key safe. 2. You may leave a key at some designated accessible place at your residence. 3. After giving us key clearance, we can pick up the key wherever the key is kept. 4. You may meet the cleaner. If you wish to meet the cleaner, we give you an arrival window prior to the arrival. Vero Beach Cleaning can not specify exact arrival times.
  • If I give you my keys, how are they protected?"
    Your key is coded as soon as it enters the office. It will be stored in a locked key storage box to which only Vero Beach Cleaning management has access. The day of your scheduled cleaning your key is matched to your ticket. At the end of the day, the service provider returns all keys to the management who then places them back into the secured storage box.
  • Can I expect the same service providers each time?
    We have build our cleaning service on this very question and we realize that it is of most concern to our clients. We make every effort to send the same service providers.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    If it is necessary to cancel/skip your regular cleaning day, Vero Beach Cleaning merely requires a 2 business day notice. If we receive less than a 2 business day notice or can not access your home, it will be necessary for us to charge half the fee for your scheduled cleaning. Do not inform the service providers of any changes to your schedule it must be done directly with the office management.
  • What if my home cleaning cleaning falls on a holiday?
    If your scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday that Vero Beach Cleaning observes, we will be sure to contact you to reschedule your appointment.
  • Can I expect you on the same day and the same time each visit?
    Yes, every client is scheduled on a recurrent day and time. A receipt will be given to you each visit with the return date and time. If requested, you will receive a courtesy, confirmation call the day before.
  • Should I tip the service providers?
    If you are pleased with the work done, we encourage you to show your appreciation to your service providers. Although not required, a gratuity is a powerful way to say "I appreciate your work." Even a note from you, simply saying "thanks for a job well done" means a great deal.
  • What if I have something special I would like to have done that is not in the ordinary scheduled duties?
    If you have any special requests, please leave a note or ask the service provider manager as soon as they arrive and the request will be included. If additional time is required, we may have to schedule the request on another day. We encourage our clients to make suggestions concerning any aspect of our service.
  • How often should the service be required?
    This totally depends on the individual home owner or business owner. Because we do such a thorough cleaning, most clients find that it is not necessary to have us every week. The client knows best. We will adapt to the schedule set forth by the client.
  • What is your guarantee policy?
    If you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning, simply inform the Vero Beach Cleaning within 24 hours of service and we will happily re-clean the area with which you are dissatisfied.
  • I have children and pets how do you handle the room?
    We do not pick up children's clothing or toys. Please remind the children that we will be coming in and remind them to tidy the play areas and we will do the best we can. We do not clean up pet feces.
  • What if something gets broken?
    Vero Beach Cleaning is insured for breakage replacement. If an item can be repaired, we will be happy to pay for those repairs; if the item can not be repaired, we ask that you find a replacement item, save the sales slip, and we will pay you for the replacement. With items of great value or of sentimental value, please instruct us not to handle these items or place them in a cabinet away from danger. Please place all items of value (money, credit cards, collectible coins, jewelry, etc.) in a secure, locked space for your protection, as well as ours.

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